Romance with heat and heart...


When you think you’ve lost everything…

Everywhere I turn since I came back to Mountain Meadow, she’s there with her d**n camera pointed in my direction. It’s bad enough my accident cost me the photography career I love, but does she have to shove it in my face day after day? I came back to lick my wounds and find some peace, even if it is at the bottom of a bourbon bottle.

Why won’t she leave me alone?

…and the only one who understands is the last person you would choose.

He wears his pain like a badge of honor and makes everyone around him miserable. He thinks I’m nothing but a rich dilettante out to make him even unhappier. What he doesn’t know…what no one knows…is just how well I understand the bone-deep pain of losing everything…and not being sure it’s worth starting over.

In this first of a new series, A Place to Heal, author Laura Browning returns to Mountain Meadow, Virginia for the story of Noah Allred, a man overwhelmed by personal tragedy. His enemies to lovers romance with newspaper reporter Amanda Brown takes you on a rough ride to happily ever after.

Coming October 14, 2019!